[For Seoul store customers only]
'Running Man' for free

located at SM Duty Free Store
B1/F 'Running Man'

ㆍWhat is Running Man?
An attraction conceptualized from the Korean TV show, 'Running Man' which is popular in various countries all around the world. In the arcade, there are set of mini games which you have to physically challenge yourself, and that is why it is called 'dynamic attraction'.

Running Man ticket or
EG-shuttle free ticket (choose 1)
Depending on
purchase amount
1 ticket $1~
2 ticket $50~
4 ticket $100~
※ Running Man ticket - worth ₩16,000
EG - shuttle free ticket - worth ₩10,000
How to get benefits
  • Location: Seoul store 1F Information Desk
  • Valid date: ~30.JUNE.2019
  • Only for foreign travelers
  • Benefits applied only once per passport on a daily basis
  • Benefits applied based on the purchase amount excluding each discount benefit
  • Running Man ticket or EG-shuttle ticket (choose 1)
  • Some brands(i.e. tobacco, alcoholic beverages, etc.) are excluded
  • The amount purchased through the use of corporate account credit cards and other credit or check cards of specific
  • brands as well as the gift cards or coupons are excluded from the benefits
  • Returns if the refund or return is below the standard amount